Disc Golf Driver: The Ultimate Guide


Today’s Ultimate Guide from Klapstar will teach you everything you need to know about disc golf drivers. First, we’ll cover the basics of how a disc golf driver works and some areas of use. Next, we’ll discuss the best disc golf drivers on the market today. Finally, we’ll show you how to throw a disc golf driver properly.

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How A Disc Golf Driver Works

Disc golf drivers use the same basic mechanics as traditional hand-thrown discs that you may be familiar with. The disc is held at one edge with the thumb and the middle, ring, and pinky fingers wrapped around its circumference. The index finger rests on top of the disc to help guide it.

Like most traditional discs, there are three essential parts to a disc golf driver:

  1. The rim – This is the outer edge of the disc.
  2. The inner edge – Also known as the flight plate, this is where you grip the disc.
  3. The center – This area includes all other parts that are not part of 1 or 2.

The critical difference between standard discs and disc golf drivers is the materials they are made from. Standard discs are usually crafted from hard plastic, while disc golf drivers are constructed from a soft polymer. Soft polymers, such as silicone or rubber, will deform during flight to aid in their aerodynamics. This flexing causes the trailing edge of the disc to catch more air, which in turn makes the disc fly farther.

Here are some other key points to remember about disc drivers:

  • They are typically larger than standard discs.
  • Their large size gives them better distance potential, though this will also make them harder to control.

The Physics of a Disc Golf Driver

In the video below, Danny Lindahl with Team Dynamics will walk you through why different drivers behave differently during their flights. It comes down to physics and what the shape of the discs do to the passing wind. Please have a look; it’s super nerdy and exciting.

The Best Disc Golf Drivers

To find the best disc golf driver, you have to know what you need and what to use it for. We have split our recommendations into several categories based on your skill level and what you need them for.

Being a very polite website, we’ll look at the best disc golf drivers for beginners first before we look at drivers for more experienced players.

The Best Beginner Driver

The Innova Leopard is one of the most popular disc golf drivers for beginners. This is because it is designed to be very easy to use. If you are brand new to the game, two key things make this driver good for you:

Its large size makes it easier to get your distances right. It has a reasonably narrow rim, so it will be easier for you to get a good grip.

Good drivers, like the Innova Leopard, are designed for stability during their flight. This allows them to achieve longer distances than other discs that are much more susceptible to the wind. It also means that you can use slower throws that may take off too early or curve too much when new.

Although they may not have the distance potential of some other discs on the market, these drivers are great for beginners who want to have fun with their friends and enjoy a game of disc golf.

The Best Fairway Driver

If you are looking for something that flies faster than a beginner’s driver but still has good control, then a fairway driver might be for you. These discs are very similar to beginner’s drivers, but they fly faster and typically have a smaller rim diameter. For these reasons, it may take some time before you can comfortably control them.

Whether or not this is your first rodeo, choosing the best fairway driver for your game comes down to what you are looking for. Many great fairway drivers on the market have excellent control, but some may travel farther than others. Again, it is all about knowing what you need out of your disc golf driver before you make a purchase.

One option we highly recommend is the Innova TeeBird. This disc is incredibly popular with players of all skill levels, and it will never fail to get the job done for you.

It has a very comfortable rim, and it can go just about as far as you can throw. This is probably one of the most popular discs in the world.

The Best Distance Driver

This is a fascinating category to be looking into. It’s where disc golf drivers start to get serious, and you can expect great distances from them. If you have been playing for a while and have improved your throwing skills, this will take you to the next level compared to beginner drivers.

When choosing the best driver for distance, we recommend considering two other factors: what type of player you are and how often you play. Disc golf drivers vary greatly in their speed and stability, which determines why some fly further than others. You need to know which type of disc is right for your game to give yourself the best chance of getting your longest throws.

The Discmania Active Premium Mentor is one of the best distance drivers you can get. This disc has a ton of speed but also has a large rim. This means that it will fly nicely through the air and not be too difficult to control for beginners or experienced players.

Although disc golfers tend to use this driver for distances over 450 ft, it is not uncommon to hear of shots at up to 600 ft. It will fly nicely through the air and depend on its stability and high speed to achieve these results.

The Best Overstable Driver

Many players choose an overstable disc golf driver as their go-to. These discs tend to be more accurate than any other type, and they also have increased stability. If you are looking for something that fades every time, this is the right choice.

We highly recommend looking into the Innova Firebird. This disc is incredibly overstable and does a great job at holding its angle. In other words, this driver always fades and will go straight in windy conditions.

Although it wasn’t designed with beginners in mind, this disc is straightforward to control. If you start with an overstable driver, you will learn how valuable this disc can be when you need help getting out of tricky situations.

The Best Understable Driver

If your game is mainly about accuracy, then an understable disc golf driver could be for you. These discs tend to turn to the right during flights (right-hand backhand throw) and are great for players who want a nice turn. They are known for being incredibly useful when throwing long shots, with the wind in your back or if you need to throw a long roller.

One of the best understable drivers on the market is the Latitude 64 Opto Line Sapphire. This disc may be a bit difficult for beginners, but it does wonders if you can get comfortable with it. For this reason, we recommend testing out a few different types before settling on one in particular.

The Best Driver To Throw Straight

If you are looking for a disc golf driver that travels straight for a long time, then the Innova Star Corvette Distance Driver would be your best choice. This disc has an incredibly straight flight path and excellent stability. It also flies very nicely in windy conditions thanks to its speed-to-glide ratio.

The Innova Star Corvette is a favorite for many serious disc golfers, and it has been dominating the market since it was released. Although some complain that this driver is not suitable for beginners, we believe it’s one of the best choices if you want consistency and accuracy in your shots.

Even though this disc has more speed than other drivers, it also has a larger rim which adds some stability. One of the most valuable traits you can find in a distance driver is its ability to stay on course and avoid turnovers. This disc will do precisely that for any player who knows how to throw it correctly.

How To Throw A Distance Driver

For this topic, we decided it’s better to show, not tell. To help us out, we have a video below created by the Discraft Disc Golf Clinic. In it, “The Big Jerm” will tell you how to throw a distance driver with the three following techniques:

  • Backhand
  • Sidearm
  • Overhand

Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: Distance Driving Techniques

Disc Golf Driver FAQ

How far should a disc golf driver go?

There is no set rule for how far a disc golf driver should go. It all depends on your strength and experience with different discs. You will find some that fly farther than others, but it’s essential to know that any distance you throw is fantastic.

What weight should I choose for a disc golf driver?

If you are buying a disc golf driver for the first time, you might choose a lightweight disc. It makes it easier to throw further, but it becomes more understandable. If you have a strong arm, you should consider a heavier weight class. This will give you maximum length and a stable disc.

How to throw a disc golf driver straight?

The best way to throw a disc golf driver straight is first to find a proper grip for your style. From there, it’s all about practicing and learning how different techniques work depending on the situation.

How to drive farther in disc golf?

Keep up with your routine, and you will see how it can help you get better over time. There is no quick fix for disc golf, but excellent results are just around the corner if you practice hard.

How to improve disc golf drive?

There is no surefire way to improve your game overnight, so don’t get discouraged if you feel like there’s a lot left to learn. Try practicing with a disc golf driver and continue getting better every day.

How to choose a disc golf driver?

There are several things to consider when choosing a disc golf driver. One of your primary concerns will be its stability, but there are other factors to think about as well.

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