Moments like these are something every disc golfer dreams about. The World Championship might not be for everyone, but the beauty of disc golf is that this can happen to almost anyone at any time while playing – you just have to try. Here at Klapstar, we keep you updated on the best disc golf equipment, the latest tips & tricks to improve your game and news from the growing disc golf community.

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Innova Destroyer

The Innova Destroyer is a powerful driver that is perfect for advanced disc golf players….
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Innova Sidewinder

The Innova Sidewinder is a very understandable driver. Inexperienced players will have trouble using this…
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Innova Wraith

The Innova Wraith is a long stable distance driver with decent speed, exceptional glide, and…
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Disc golf is a sport played by throwing a disc at a target. You can play the sport as competitively or recreationally as you like. There are different types of discs for different types of throws, and the kind of disc you use will depend on the distance, height, and angle of your throw.

Here at Klapstar, we give you information about a wide variety of disc golf equipment to help you play your best game. Whether you’re looking for a new disc to try out, or you need a new bag to carry all your discs and supplies, we have you covered.

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Innova Discs

Innova is one of the most popular brands of discs in the sport of disc…
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At Klapstar, we are passionate about disc golf, and our goal is to get more people involved in the game. We do this by providing easy-to-follow guides and tutorials. We have a wide variety of content that covers everything from the basics of the game to how to improve your skills. Whether you are new to disc golf or a seasoned pro, we have something for you.

Our guides are easy to follow and are written in a way that makes learning fun. We take a step-by-step approach, so you can easily follow along. In addition, our tutorials include videos, which make it even easier to learn. Our content is regularly updated, so you can be sure that you are getting the latest and greatest information.

About Disc Golf

Disc golf is one of the fastest-growing outdoor activities in the world. From its origins in the early 1970s to present-day games, disc golf has grown tremendously. One of the reasons for that is that almost all ages can play the sport.

The rules are simple, and even though mastering the game can take a while, it’s common to get significantly better quite fast for most people. This creates a feeling of achieving something, which motivates many players.

This article is created for all the new players in the sport. It is also made for the ones of you curious about starting to play disc golf. The intention is for this article to be the one-stop-place for information needed to start playing and get better.

Disc Golf Terminology

To have a foundation for all the information provided, it is essential to know some of the basic terminologies used in disc golf. The most common types of discs used by players are Putters (P), Midrange (M), and Drivers (D). You can find an overview of those discs and their characteristics further down in this article.

There are also the different throws used in the game. The most important ones are; Backhand (BH) and Forehand (FH).

These two types of throws make up all possible throw types, but some variations like throwing Overhead (OH), Thumber (TH), Roller (R), and S-curve (S) are also in use.

To get onto the actual game, you must have at least one disc per type mentioned above with you. Most players prefer to have different models of each type so they can optimize their play style. But for beginners, you only need a disc golf beginner set consisting of these three variations.

Disc Golf shares a lot of terminology with regular Golf. If you have played traditional golf before, you will recognize terms such as Out-of-Bounds (OB), Hole-in-One (Ace), Bogies (+1), Par (0), Birdie (-1), and Eagle (-2).

Finding Disc Golf Discs

As mentioned above, there are three types of discs used in Disc Golf; Putters (P), Midrange (M), and Drivers (D). In this part of our guide on Disc Golf, we’ll walk you through the characteristics of these types of frisbees.

In this video, Foundation Disc Golf, an organization focusing on teaching new players Disc Golf, will make it easier for you to select the right kind of discs to start your disc golf adventure.


A putter is designed to fly very straight and land very softly on the ground. They are mainly used for approach shots and putting rather than for driving like midranges or drivers. A good putter should be easy to grip and hold. Many players like them with a lot of glide but not too much turn (left or right deviation from the intended path).

This type of disc is suitable for beginners. They are mainly used inside 275 feet, where they fly straightest and slowest. It is possible to get putters with different degrees of turn (Fade or S-curve), but these are typically only used when the player has reached the advanced level of the sport.


A mid-range disc does not fly as straight and hard as a putter, but it flies straighter than a driver. Midranges are also more dependable in windy conditions than drivers. They usually have less glide as well, meaning they retain their speed for a longer time. They are typically used from about 275 feet to around 400 feet. Beginners often have difficulty controlling the flight of this type of disc, so it might be good to use one only from shorter distances when starting.


A driver is a flying disc where you can throw maximum distance. They are used for long throws and tee shots (when standing on the starting point). They will typically start to turn over (turn towards the right in an RHBH throw) when thrown at high speeds or when they encounter winds. When it comes to drivers, there is a large selection of different types available, including stable, understable (turns), and overstable (fades) discs.