Hestra Ski Gloves: Find The Best Ones!

Ski gloves are an important part of your ski wardrobe. Here’s a guide to finding the best Hestra ski gloves for your needs.

Hestra is a Swedish ski glove company. The gloves are handmade with the best materials for durability and warmth. Some models have a grip on the palm, which allows you to hold on better to your poles during your skiing trip.

In this article, we will review Hestra ski gloves. Use our reviews to help you find the best Hestra Ski Gloves for you and your specific needs!

Hestra Ski Gloves – The Guide to Finding The Right Ones

Hestra gloves are highly customizable. Use the following guide to help you find the perfect pair of gloves for your specific needs!

  1. Weather-Proofing
    If you want complete protection from the cold, then Hestra ski gloves are what you need. They come with a premium leather exterior that is durable and water-resistant. They feature a polyamide lining that keeps you warm while not making the gloves too bulky for easy movement.
  2. Comfort
    Hestra ski gloves are very comfortable to wear! They are made using anatomical fit, ensuring your fingers are perfectly placed in the correct positions for maximum comfort and grip. Moreover, they have been ergonomically designed to stick with the natural shape of your hands.
  3. Style
    Hestra gloves are built so that they still look fashionable while also maintaining the functionality needed for excellent performance on the slopes! They come in many different colors and styles, so you can always find something that looks amazing but is also made from high-quality materials.
  4. Grip
    Most Hestra gloves come with an anti-skid grip on the palm of the glove, which allows you to hold your poles even better during your skiing trip! This is an excellent way to guarantee a more stable and controlled ride down the mountain so you can have a better time overall.
  5. Warmth
    Hestra gloves are designed using the best materials. As a result, they provide maximum protection against the cold and wind, which will inevitably keep your hands warmer than other gloves on the market. They even come with an adjustable strap for the wrist so you can keep them on your hands at all times.

Our Picks of the Best Hestra Gloves

This list contains our picks for the best Hestra gloves, as determined by consumer feedback and expert opinion.

Hestra Army Leather Heli Ski Glove

The Army Leather Heli Ski is suited for free riders, professional mountain guides and patrollers, ski instructors, and others who require a high level of functionality, comfort, and durability. It’s a longer cuff model featuring a long gauntlet with a wrist strap adjustment. The model is distinguished by its distinctive design and excellent performance.

This glove is made of HESTRA Triton fabric and the most durable Army Goat Leather, making it windproof, water-resistant, and breathable for the best protection for your hands.

Hestra Ergo Grip Active Glove

The Ergo Grip Active Glove is a windproof and water-resistant glove for those who demand a glove capable of withstanding constant usage at high activity.

The Ergo Grip Active is a sleek and stylish glove featuring an adjustable wrist strap for maximum comfort. It’s made of very thin and durable leather, making it flexible and stretchable.

The Ergo Grip palm is a good fit over the entire area of the hand, with less excess material. This glove has excellent dexterity and versatility for any outdoor activity, thanks to its 5-fingered design.

Hestra Freeride CZone Winter Mitt

Best gloves for a snowboard! A warm, versatile design for all of your snowboarding excursions, with a waterproof and breathable CZone membrane, palm reinforcements for board carry, and snowboard-specific flex zones. The small neoprene cuff makes it simple to access your smartwatch while skiing. The Hestra Freeride CZone Winter Mitt is a perfect mix of function, fit, and durability.

This glove is windproof, water-resistant, and breathable. Made of HESTRA CZone technology and sturdy impregnated cowhide, giving you the ultimate protection your hands require.

Even better fit – best women ski gloves

Our bodies prioritize warming our core and vital organs above all else, sacrificing the heat of our hands and feet to do so. It’s critical to wear adequate clothes and make sure they fit nicely (not too tight and not too loose) if you want your hands to be warm all day long.

Hestra’s ski gloves are the best women’s ski gloves in the market. They come in different colors and styles, but they all feature high-quality materials, functionality, and most importantly – a great fit!

They can be used in any weather or season, whether you enjoy skiing or snowboarding during the winter or hiking during the year’s warmer months. They will keep your hands warm during the coldest days and dry on those wetter ones.

If you’re searching for gloves that fit perfectly and look fantastic, then Hestra is a brand to check out!

Hestra Women’s Patrol Gauntlet Glove

The Women’s Patrol Gauntlet 5-Finger Glove is a long cuff glove that’s appropriate for those who frequently ski and want a reliable glove on the hill. The G-loft insulated liner is easily removable, so it’s simple to wash or dry. The glove may also be used with other liners to make it more versatile in various situations.

Windproof and waterproof to keep you warm anytime! This glove is made of very thin yet durable leather, making it flexible and breathable. The stretch cuff makes it easy to put on, while the adjustable wrist strap provides a secure fit for your hand.

This glove is made of Hestra Triton fabric and the most durable Army Goat Leather, which is windproof, water-resistant, and breathable. It gives you the optimum protection for your hands.

Hestra gloves are the best ski gloves for women, perfect for a day of skiing or snowboarding. The brand is known for its high-quality materials and great fit, and that model of women’s ski gloves is another proof.

Hestra Heli Ski Womens Glove

The most well-known model of Hestra gloves. It’s known for its high-quality materials and great fit. The model is made of goat leather, which is flexible yet very durable.

The Army Leather Heli Ski was created for free riders, professional mountain guides and patrollers, ski instructors, and others who demand exceptional functionality, fit, and durability.

Great fit and quality! The glove has everything you need for a day of skiing: it’s windproof, waterproof, breathable, and it will make your hands warm on the coldest days.

About Hestra Gloves

Hestra ski gloves were started in 1947 by Sixten Jernberg. He was a skier known for his technical ability to make the most out of every turn possible on the slopes. He had a goal to create the best ski gloves and set out to make this dream a reality. He thought that if he believed in something, others would as well, and his passion for creating high-quality gloves drove him forward.

Hestra ski gloves are made using the highest quality materials to provide maximum comfort, warmth, waterproofness, durability, breathability, and style.

Hestra ski gloves feature premium leather and a polyamide lining for warmth. Furthermore, they have been designed using anatomical fit with pre-shaped fingers to ensure superior grip and mobility. The motto of Hestra is “Keeps you warm, dry, and comfortable.”

Testing Hestra Ski Gloves

Hestra ski gloves have been tested in a wind tunnel to ensure that they are the most aerodynamic skiing glove on the market. This allows them to ski faster and ensures that they stay warmer as well. In addition, their design is ergonomic, features anatomical fit with pre-shaped fingers, and is produced using premium leather.

Hestra Ski Gloves Facts

  • The company was founded in Sweden, where it remains today.
  • Hestra gloves are now sold worldwide and used by skiers and snowboarders alike.
  • The company has been making high-quality ski gloves for over 65 years.
  • The quality of their products is well-known and respected, which results in them being worn by over half of all Olympic downhill skiers.
  • Hestra Gloves are hand-made with premium leather and high technology, guaranteeing exceptional fit and protection.

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