How To Make The Darker Season Brighter


In large parts of the US, colder weather and less daylight can make it more difficult to turn to outdoor activities such as bike rides with your dog.

Many people isolate themselves without realizing it, and some people struggle with winter depression.

Our team at wanted to do something with this by suggesting several friendly activities that can brighten up the winter darkness.

— When wintertime comes around, it’s easy to let yourself become isolated. However, even if you’re feeling like this, there are simple tricks that can make the winter brighter.

Harold Martinez,

Make Plans With Friends And Family

One of the best ways to get outside is by inviting your friends or family to walk in the park or simply discussing things over lunch. There are several good reasons for this, but it mainly has to do with someone else depending on you to show up.

A study published in the International Journal of Environmental Health Research shows that spending just 20 minutes in an urban park makes you happier.

Exploit The Daylight

The shorter days during winter mean that there’s not a lot of daylight left after work, which means we have to get creative. In many countries, people have the opportunity to exploit the small window of light by going bike camping after work. This can lead to increased overall activity and being outdoors more often.

One of our readers told us recently that she parks the car 5 minutes from her house, allowing her a walk before and after work even though her commute is around 45 minutes.

Make A Camp Fire And Cook S’mores

Even when the days are shorter, you can still enjoy a proper campfire and cook delicious food such as s’mores. Many people like to go camping in the winter anyway, but there’s no reason why you can’t stay at home or on your porch instead. You’ll be able to share stories with friends and family around the fire while you roast some marshmallows.

Go Skiing

If you’re into winter sports, this is probably one of your favorite things to do when it’s cold out. Many people make time for skiing during the winter despite everything else that might be going on in their lives. You can also go sledding, snowboarding and ice skating if you like them more.


If you like more low-intensity sports, one of the easiest winter activities to do is ice-skating. This might not be possible in every location around the world but, there are several places where it’s easy to go ice-skating without being able to skate yourself.

One of our readers, Alyssa Jensen, told us that she skates regularly with her daughter at the local ice rink in their area. She doesn’t skate herself but loves to watch her daughter do it. It’s a fun way for them to spend some time together on the ice while enjoying the winter weather.

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