North Face Snow Pants – A Staple for Winter Adventurers

Are you ready to make your winter excursions more exciting? If so, it’s time to invest in a pair of high-quality snow pants like the North Face snow pants.

Snow pants are an essential part of any winter adventurer’s kit. But with all the options available when you’re shopping for gear, finding the best snow pants for your needs can be a bewildering proposition. On the one hand, some budget-friendly models are functional but lack in the style department. On the other, you have expensive, technically advanced pants that probably cost more than your first car. In between, there’s a whole world of products from respected brands offering everything from lightweight warmth to serious insulation and breathable waterproofing.

North Face is known for making gear that works well and is built to last. Their women’s ski jackets are the standard for warmth and durability, but their line of snow pants also delivers on those priorities at a reasonable price point.

The best men’s snow pants

The best snow pants for men are those that stand out for their durability and performance! They should be easy to get on and off, resist tearing and abrasion, keep you dry in downpours or wet powder days, and they must not restrict your movement whether you’re skiing on groomers or climbing mountains. They should offer the perfect balance of warmth and breathability, so you can stay active without overheating.

The North Face Men’s Freedom Insulated Snow Pants

This stable model of snow pants is warm, rugged, and highly functional. They are built to handle the most demanding activities in winter weather.

The Freedom pants are insulated with 800 fill down to ensure warmth during cold conditions. They also have a Durable Water Repellent outer shell that allows the pants to be completely waterproof. On top of that, they have a breathable membrane to ensure your body heat can escape in warmer weather or while you’re working up a sweat during intense physical activity.

The Freedom also has several other great features, including a 2-way stretch fabric on the lower legs, which adds more freedom of movement for scrambling or boot packing uphill. Powder cuffs guard the lower legs from snow, and there are boot gaiters along with zippered handwarmer pockets.

These pants have a straight fit from hip to ankle for easy movement. Waist tabs may be adjusted to provide a more precise fit. Inseam: Short 30″, Regular 32″, Long 34″.

To wrap it all up, the North Face Freedom is a perfect pant for long days of physical activity in challenging winter conditions. The durability and insulation of these pants make them an excellent choice as your main ski or snowboarding pants, as well as an option to consider as an outer layer over thermal leggings for cold-weather hikes and climbs.

The North Face Men’s Seymore Snow Pants

The Seymore Pant is a snow sports pant with waterproof, breathable DryVent 2L technology designed to be comfortable while you explore your limits. They have a relaxed fit, so they move with you while still providing room to layer up. The Seymore has an insulated 1/4 dry seat and knees that will keep your lower body protected from the cold even when you’re sitting around.

Other features include adjustable waist tabs for a personalized fit, pockets to keep your hands warm, a media pocket for your phone, and a rear mesh panel for ventilation.

These seam-sealed ski pants are made with a DryVent waterproof shell that will keep you dry but without compromising breathability. The exterior of these pants is treated with a Durable Water Repellent coating to protect against snow and abrasion.

Gaiters with a gripper elastic keep the snow out of your boots and legs. Edge guards on the hems increase longevity. A water-resistant zippered thigh pocket provides a place to stow your wallet, maps, or snacks.

Inseam: Short 29″, Regular 31″, Long 33″

The best women’s snow pants

Women’s snow pants should be as stylish and versatile as functional! They need to provide excellent weather protection without compromising on motion or breathability. The best snow pants for women will resist tears from trees or rocks, be easy to put on and take off, offer excellent insulation without overheating you, and come in a range of styles from tight-fitting to baggy, casual options.

The North Face Women’s Freedom Insulated Snow Pants

This leveled-up version of North Face’s Women’s Freedom Pant has the Heatseeker Eco insulation to go with waterproof, breathable performance, durability, and all-condition style.

They fit the bill perfectly, and check all of these boxes without adding a lot to your budget.

Their two-layer HyVent® 2L shell is designed for waterproofing and breathability, and the durable abrasion-resistant fabric resists rips and tears from branches or ski edges.

They feature ankle gaiters with grippers along the inner hem to keep snow out, adjustable boot hooks for an easy fit over boots, and a soft brushed lining at the waistband and on handwarmer pockets.

These pants have a straight cut from hip to bottom for easy movement. Waist tabs with adjustable closures provide a precise fit. Inseam: Short 30″, Regular 32″, Long 34″

The North Face Women’s Sally Insulated Snow Pants

Sally is the best-selling women’s snow pant in North Face history. They are known for warmth, comfort, and stylish durability!

These women’s snow pants have all of North Faces most advanced technologies found throughout their collection. They’re designed to keep you warm on cold, wet days by trapping heat with Heetseaker Eco recycled Insulation – an eco-friendly alternative to down that is also lightweight and compressible. Stay warm when you’re hitting the slopes!

The waterproof DryVent shell delivers superior weather protection without sacrificing breathability so that you can stay dry in wet snow all day long. Moisture is wicked away from the skin through the soft lining with a brushed finish for added coziness. The interior waistband provides warmth without bulk, and the boot gaiters at the hem will keep snow out when you need to take your boots off.

These pants have a proper straight leg opening with adjustable ankle gators suited for wearing over ski boots for an easy fit. The low-profile under-the-boot cut is less bulky and less binding than other snow pants.

Inseam: Short – 30″, Regular – 32″, Tall – 34″

The best kids snow pants

Snow pants for kids should be just as functional as those made for adults! You want them to have a good range of motion, so they can jump and play without restriction. They need to keep your little ones warm and comfortable… after all, who wants a cold bum? And last but not least, the best children’s snow pants must be durable and easy to clean.

The North Face Boy’s Freedom Insulated Pants

These kid’s snow pants from North Face are an insulated version of their best-selling adult style. This means they have the same durable exterior, waterproof DryVent™ 2L shell, and Heatseeker Eco insulation.

Heatseeker Eco is a renewable fiber derived from recycled materials such as plastic bottles that provide warmth without feathers and can be recycled after its useful life.

These North Face insulated snow pants will keep kids warm without added bulk, so they can move freely and stay active all day long. They have a low-profile under-the-boot fit that is less bulky and binding than other styles.

To make sure these kids’ snow pants don’t get in the way, they feature a gusseted crotch and articulated knees. These details allow for maximum movement without sacrificing style or warmth.

Inseam: Regular 25.5″, Grown 27.5″.

The North Face Girls’ Freedom Insulated Pants

Bring on all the winter fun! The North Face Girl’s Freedom Insulated Pants have all the weather protection needed to help your little one stay warm – plus, she’ll be kept looking great in these kid-friendly colors! They are waterproof and breathable to handle snowy days at the park or sledding in the backyard.

The Freedom Insulated Pant for Girls is Waterproofed with DryVent 2L fabric technology and insulated with light, durable Heatseeker Eco. Thanks to the reinforced kick patches and ankle gaiters, these snow pant is ideal for her.

The DryVent shell, seam-sealed and waterproof, with a non-PFC Durable Water-Repellent (DWR) finish, helps her keep drier and more comfortable in the snow. The interior waistband provides warmth without bulk, and the boot gaiters at the hem will keep snow out when she needs to take her boots off.

These girls’ snow pants have a standard fit. This snow pant for girls skims the figure while providing flexibility of movement in the hips and legs. Adjustable waist tabs ensure a personalized fit. Inseam: Regular 25.5″, Grown 27.5″.

The North Face Toddler Snowquest Insulated Bib

For toddlers, the high-quality insulated bib will be a great idea. A good choice for cold winter days.

The North Face® Toddler Snowquest® Insulated Bib is guaranteed to keep your little one warm when the temperature drops! It provides warmth without bulk, thanks to The North Face®’s Heatseeker™ insulation.

The exterior of these kids’ snow pants is made from waterproof DryVent™ 2L fabric that’s seam-sealed and breathable. Details help her stay dry in cold winter weather with the DWR finish repelling moisture, so she stays drier and warmer.

The interior waistband provides warmth without bulk, and the boot gaiters at the hem will keep snow out when she needs to take her boots off.

Inseam: Regular 11.5″, Grown 13.75″.

What to look for in snow pants

  • Warmth – If you’re just skiing on groomed trails down south, warmth is not nearly as big of a concern as waterproofing. However, if you’re heading to the backcountry or spending some time up north, warmth becomes more of an issue. Bulky ski pants are not very breathable and uncomfortable on warmer days.
  • Waterproofing – Waterproof and breathable fabrics are the standard for most winter activities these days. Water resistance can be a lifesaver on light rain or wet snow days, even if you’re just using your snow pants for casual use. Heavy rain with no chance of drying out is where you’ll likely want to upgrade to dedicated rain gear.
  • Insulation – Snow pants should be more than just a water-resistant shell. They should provide insulation and protect you from the wind as well. Check the grams of insulation and how it’s distributed in each model. Generally speaking, a higher number will provide more warmth which also usually means more bulk.
  • Style – Style is a personal choice and certainly not the most important factor when you’re choosing snow pants. That said, there’s no reason to be wearing ripped jeans in the backcountry either. These days it’s possible to find the great-looking outdoor gear that performs well too.
  • The Right Fit – The first step to getting great snow pants is to find ones that fit you well. If they are too baggy or tight, you’ll feel uncomfortable using them right away. You might want to check out reviews online before buying so you have a better idea of what size will work for you. North Face sizes its pants in small, medium, and large dimensions. And don’t worry about them fitting over your ski boots. Plenty of the models has adjustable waistbands with internal gators to keep snow out.

    How should snow pants fit you? A little extra room is okay for activities like skiing or snowboarding, where you’ll have gear underneath. If you want to wear your snow pants casually around town, they may need to fit more closely. The important thing is finding ones that fit well in the seat and crotch area so you can move around.

  • Weight & Dexterity – While most people might not think about this aspect when shopping for new gear, weight can really matter when you’re playing outside all day. Most North Face models we looked at range from about 2 lbs to 3 lbs for a medium pair. Lighter means less fatigue, and if you’re mainly using your snow pants for casual use around town or on the mountain, weight can be significant. In terms of dexterity, two main factors come into play. Your first consideration should be how well you perform with your current layering set. If you’re used to thin layers, bulky pants can take some getting used to. The second consideration is whether or not the pants are insulated. Some models include sewn-in insulation at crucial areas, while others use an exterior layer that provides warmth without adding bulk.

How to wash North Face snow pants?

You can’t machine wash snow pants. Nor should they be dried in the dryer. Here are some tips for cleaning your snowsuit or ski pants at home that will help keep waterproofing in good condition.

Cleaning at Home

You can hand wash your ski pants in cold water with mild soap. Rinse them well, then roll the wet snow pants in a towel to remove excess moisture. If you want to speed up the process, hang them on a clothesline or place them over a drying rack indoors for several hours. Be careful not to place them where they might be exposed to direct sunlight, which may damage the waterproofing.

Tougher Stains and Spills

If your pants get dirty or stained, try washing them with cold water and a mild laundry detergent. Again, rinse well after cleaning. For tough stains like grease or oil (from food like pizza or camping), you can try scrubbing the stain with dishwashing liquid or bar soap before washing.

Be sure to wash the stains of your pants away from the waterproof parts, like zippers and seams. This will help keep your snow pants in good shape for longer. If there are stains that won’t come out, consider having the pants dry-cleaned by a professional.

Storing Snow Pants Between Seasons

If you’re not going to wear your snow pants for an extended period, be sure to store them properly between seasons. First, empty all the pockets and fasten any zippers or velcro closures that may get caught on other items while they’re in storage. A mesh or cotton bag will help protect your snow pants from dust, dirt, and insects while they’re not being worn. Hanging them up is a good option but if you can’t do that, storing them on a shelf or in a dresser drawer with the zipper fully closed is fine too.

Be sure to store your snow pants in a cool, dry place. If you’re going to store them indoors, be sure they don’t get mixed up with other clothes with strong odors so they won’t pick up the smell of perfume or cologne.

North Face Snow Pants: Are They Worth The Hype?

So you might be wondering, “What is so special about the North Face snow pants?” There are many reasons why these snow pants are well worth the hype.

First of all, when it comes to durability in harsh weather conditions, The North Face really knows what they’re doing. They make sure that their clothing is not only functional but will stand up to any challenge. You can wear your North Face snow pants in the harshest conditions, from 10 below zero to 30 degrees, and they won’t let you down.

When it comes to The North Faces’ ability to keep you warm, these snow pants are the best brands that do that for a reasonable price. They are windproof and waterproof. This ensures that you will stay nice and warm when you play in the cold snow for hours on end.

The only problem with these pants is the sizing. The sizes run a little small, so it’s best to get one size bigger than what you usually do.

Overall, Their value is outstanding, and the quality of these snow pants makes them worth the hype.

The North Face is a great brand and has been around for many years, so their products are always made with high-quality materials. They have items for all kinds of weather, from raincoats to winter jackets.

So if you’re looking for a great pair of snow pants, consider The North Face’s Snow Pants that will keep you warm and cozy no matter how cold it gets outside!

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