One-Shoulder Sports Bra – Trendy Accessory Or Actually Functional?

A one-shoulder sports bra is all the rage right now, but does it actually offer any benefits over a traditional design? Read on to find out!

One-shoulder garments are all the rage these days, not only in the fashion world. From tops to dresses and sportswear as well – ruffles, frills, and asymmetry work their magic everywhere. They’re simply a great way of adding a bit of interest to our outfits.

However, are one-shoulder sports bras also good for your breasts? Or are they just a trend?

What are the advantages of one-shoulder sports bras?

Aesthetics is not everything. There are some other advantages to these trendy sports bras. We all know that training sessions can be pretty exhausting, no matter how long or short. Using a regular sports bra requires overall body tension, so our breasts do not move during workouts. But what if your therapist tells you that you suffer from shoulder pain due to overstretched muscles? Then the right balance between compression and additional support is given by a one-shoulder sports bra.

On the other hand, if you prefer not to feel any tension or pressure during exercises, it’s better to choose another type of sports bra that provides the desired comfort level for your workout.

One-shoulder sports bra is perfect for

A one-shoulder sports bra is perfect for low to moderate impacts. It’s also best suited for “average size” breasts. If your chest is larger, you should buy a different type of sports bra that offers more coverage and support.

A one-shoulder sports bra will work a treat in sports like:

  • yoga
  • pilates
  • walking
  • cycling
  • a weight training session

However, you should refrain from wearing a one-shoulder sports bra during a high-impact workout. This is because the material will not be able to provide the necessary support, and your breasts can bounce around, making it uncomfortable and even dangerous for you. You’ll also most likely have chaffed skin after such a workout.

The disadvantages of one-shoulder sports bra

Although many women consider it a very successful type of sports bra, they are not so popular among athletes. The reason is that these bras have less support than the classic models. Therefore, one-shoulder sports bras are not very popular for running or high-impact exercises.

So, before you buy any one-shoulder bra, consider your level of activity and the type of training you prefer. And remember that only you can determine whether this type of cleavage control bra is the best for you.

Best one-shoulder sports bras

A sports bra is one of the essential parts of your workout outfit. We all know that many shapes, sizes, and types are available on offer these days. And who cares more about our comfort than us?

Once upon a time, there were no one-shoulder sports bras available on the market, and we had to go without them. But today, you’re spoiled for choice and can find excellent quality and stylish designs. However, choosing a one-shoulder bra is not an easy task – you have to take into account your personal preferences and the type of support needed for your specific sport.

Here are some of the most popular models on Amazon:

RUNNING GIRL One-Shoulder Sports Bra

This medium support one-shoulder sports bra is perfect for yoga and other low-impact types of workouts.

It is made of nylon performance fabric with 4-way stretch. This fabric is specially designed to provide maximum support during workouts and wicks away moisture for increased comfort. The material is super soft but also very durable. It is engineered to be moisture-wicking, non-shrinking, and odorless.

The Running Girl one-shoulder Sports Bra has a seamless finish and 2 rows of 3D-mesh at the top, which gives it a very smooth appearance. The bust is enhanced with textured shaping and seaming around the cup. Engineered mesh pattern at the front and back add to the style of this bra.

The cups in this sports bra can be removed for convenience when you hand-wash it. This sports bra comes in various colors and can be purchased in sizes ranging from x-small to xx-large.

Verdusa Women’s Cut Out One-Shoulder Padded Support Yoga Sports Bra

The intricate design of the back of this bra caught attention right away. This one-shoulder sports bra is perfect for low-impact workouts and yoga. It has a built-in foam cup, adjustable padded straps, and a racerback design.

Made from 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex, the material is lightweight, breathable, and soft. However, it still provides excellent support. The racerback design makes this one-shoulder sports bra perfect for yoga because it won’t slip out of place while you’re performing challenging poses.

MATHACINO One-Shoulder Sports Bra

This is another medium impact sports bra with padded cups for extra support. The Nylon/Spandex fabric is super soft and lightweight but still provides the necessary support during workouts.

The keyhole cut-out design gives this bra an extra feminine touch. The wonderful thing about this bra is that it comes in a variety of colors, so you can find the perfect color to match your workout outfit. It is available in sizes ranging from x-small to xx-large so that you can get a great sports bra no matter what your size.

Trendy and functional?

As you can see, there are many great one-shoulder sports bras available on the market. They come in all shapes and sizes and look fantastic!

But do they serve their purpose? Can they actually provide enough support to make it worth your while wearing them when exercising?

It depends on your preferences. If you want to buy a one-shoulder sports bra, just remember that this type is not as supportive as others and might not be the best choice for running or high-impact workouts. One-shoulder bras may seem like an attractive option with low price tags and sex appeal, but consider buying two separate bras instead – one for low impact activities and another for high impact activities.

This way, you can be sure that both bras will provide the type of support you need. With all this in mind, have fun choosing your perfect one-shoulder sports bra!

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