What are the different types of dogs bike trailers?

There are three categories of dog bike trailers that are more popular on the market.

  • Single model for one dog with a transportable floor area. This type of model is generally lighter than others, and they provide good ventilation inside since most of them have mesh sides to allow airflow through it. They can be set up very quickly; you need to unzip the cover and attach it to your bicycle.
  • Multiple dog bike trailer with storage compartment. This type of model is great for people who have two or more dogs of the same breed. They usually have a roof that prevents hot air from entering in the summer and protects from the rain in winter. In addition, they often have mesh on all sides to provide good airflow and vision for your doggies.
  • Modular dog bike trailers that can be customized based on need. This type of model might come with a removable floor, roof, and mesh sides, depending on your preference. They also provide similar features mentioned above and often include accessories like waterproof bags (for storing toys, treats, etc.) for easy storage.